My first TV appearance

Last month I featured in an ABC story regarding number plates.

It was quite an interesting thing to do, and also resulted in a great plug for one of my websites,

My part starts at 2:55, but I recommend watching the whole thing!

It was quite an experience for someone who’s never done anything like this before.

The first contact came via my website, from a journalist at the ABC.

This is the dream for any business right?  We all talk about trying to reach out to media organisations to get some coverage, but when they come knocking on your door it’s brilliant.

In this case I give a lot of the credit to my domain name.

The website doesn’t look amazing, and it doesn’t rank number 1 for anything, but it has THE industry leading name –

Exact match domains might not give you the ranking boost anymore, but I’m a big believer in their credibility boost.

So anyway we exchanged a few emails and had a chat on the phone, then that was it for a while.

Then out of the blue another phone call.  They wanted to film a piece ASAP, and they wanted to do it at my garage!

To be honest I didn’t like that idea and suggested we film somewhere else, but they wanted the home garage feel, and of course they wanted my number plates in shot.

So the day arrived and so did the camera person.  The journalist did the interview via mobile on speaker, whilst I gave my answers to an imaginary person standing beside the camera.

It was more difficult than I would’ve imagined…

Afterwards I almost felt sick!  I’m definitely not a natural in front of the camera.

Then weeks and weeks went past without a word from anyone.  I honestly hoped that they’d decided not to run the story!

But on the Easter long weekend I received a text from the journalist – our story would be airing on the 7pm national news!

It also ran on the business news later in the evening, and a few times on the 24 hour news channel.

In the end it wasn’t all that bad, and I was happy to get my Trade Risk ute in shot as well as a good plug for my number plate website.

Plus I’m semi-famous now…

Dot au

I saw this car on the fantastic Melbourne Car Spotters Instagram page recently.

The number plate stood out for obvious reasons!

Could it be someone who’s made their fortune from .au domain names?

Apparently not…  According to comments on the Instagram post it is the owner of DOT AU Vodka, which I’d never heard of previously.

Anyway, cool plate and car.  Shame it was nothing to do with domain names.

First of the losers


Someone I admire greatly, Aytyon Senna, famously said that second is the first of the losers.

When it comes to the auDA election last month, third place was the first of the losers…

Two directors were elected, Simon Johnson with 66 votes and Timothy Connell with 52 votes.

I was just 4 little votes behind, on 48 votes.

But a miss is as good as a mile, and therefore I am the first of the losers!


As with all elections, the results went to those who campaigned best.

I’m told that Simon is an exceptional campaigner, and I witnessed first hand how good Tim was at campaigning.

As for me, well I can roll out the excuses…

I did very little campaigning.  Unfortunately the lead up to the elections coincided with two rather major events in my business.

The timing was such that I was at the bank signing my life away the day after proxies closed!

To say it’s been a hectic few months would be an understatement, and that’s not taking into account anything to do with the election.

But yes, they’re all just excuses.

Simon and Tim did a great job and deserved to be elected.

Next year…

I honestly don’t know if I’ll have another go next year.

Gaining a seat on the auDA board was never about money, prestige or improving my CV.

It was about being involved in what I see as the most serious issue to ever face AU domain owners – direct registrations.

Assuming that direct registrations are done and dusted over the coming year, why would I want to take time away from my business and family?

We’ll see…  It all depends on what happens at auDA over the next 11 months or so.

For now it’s back to family and business.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me.

My businesses

Part of my pitch as a demand class director of auDA is my experience in online business.

Many board members and nominees, both past and present, have had backgrounds in government, academia and law. There are also many involved in the provision of tech services.

The board absolutely needs these types of people. They have invaluable skills, qualifications and knowledge, and have no doubt contributed to the strength of the AU domain space over many years.

But I don’t see a lot of business owners. Dealing with business is absolutely not the same as being in business.

So here’s what I’ve been doing online over the last few years…

I founded with nothing more than a fantastic domain name and determination to build an e-commerce business from scratch.

Within months the business was shipping thousands of dollars worth of nuts to all corners of the country.

I believe that a huge part of its success was the domain name.  Branding as the exact match for our product gave instant credibility amongst suppliers and customers.

It was a fantastic experience, however the business was very recently sold to enable me to concentrate on my insurance business.

This is a business I acquired back in 2014 from the previous owners who’d held it for many years.

As is always my preference, it uses an exact match domain name to explain what the website is about.

The site now lists many thousands of number plates for sale and is a great example of how well niche classifieds websites can work.

Trade RiskTrade Risk

Trade Risk is the anchor of my business world.

It combines my career – insurance – with my passion – digital marketing.

It was started with nothing more than a domain name, a bit of knowledge and a lot of hard work.

It also benefited greatly from my willingness to invest in premium domain names.

The business has thousands of clients, a team of staff in our Brisbane office and has won numerous awards over the years.

This is my full time gig.

Other businesses

I’ve had plenty of other online businesses over the years, some that went nowhere, and some that I managed to sell for a few dollars.

I believe that my experience and success in online business makes me an ideal demand class director of auDA, and one that will compliment the skills of more seasoned directors on the board who may not have any online business experience.

My stance on direct registrations

The introduction of direct registrations is one of the hottest topics when it comes to this year’s auDA elections.

Some people say it’s a done deal and we need to focus on implementation, whilst other argue that we should still be fighting hard against it.

Here’s what I had to say about them on back in September:

In my opinion this is the biggest change to occur during my time in the domain name world, which kicked off back in the late nineties.

There have been other big changes, such as the ability to sell domain names and the monetisation policy, both of which were great positive changes.

The difference between these and direct registrations is that they didn’t affect the average small business owner.

If you owned one or two domains for your SME, with no interest in acquiring additional domains, the changes to monetisation or selling of domains had no real impact on you.

But with direct registrations, every single domain name owner is going to be affected.

My view has not changed since then.

Here’s what I recently wrote on DNtrade:

I’ve had a consistent stance on this since the beginning. I like the idea of a shorter domain, however I don’t believe they are necessary and I am against their introduction on the basis that they will burden SMEs with additional costs and unnecessary work for no real benefit.

Furthermore, I believe the addition of another option will simply cause confusion amongst business owners and the general public. is strong. The reasons given by the ‘for’ side do not justify weakening it.

I simply do not believe the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to direct registrations.

Some on the supply side state that this is about innovation.

I’m all for innovation, but this is not innovation.  It is simply removing a few letters in order to sell more domain names.

So what is my stance?  If the opportunity arises, I will vote against the introduction of direct registrations.

If they are to be introduced (which is the current situation) then I will do everything in my power to ensure existing domain owners are not adversely impacted upon.


How to vote for me

If you like what I stand for and agree that I’d make a great Demand Class director at auDA, voting for me is easy.

You must act fast however, as today (Thursday 24th November) is the last day to return your form to me or directly to auDA.

Simply print and sign this proxy form.  You can then scan and email it to

Forms must be returned by 5pm today (Sydney time) for them to count.  If sending directly to me, make sure you give me sufficient time prior to 5pm.

Any questions?  Let me know!

I finally bought my ute

Last week I finally achieved something which has meant a lot to me over a number of years.

There are so many things this could be, but for me, it is a humble ute covered in stickers.  Massive stickers…

Ford Ranger Wrap

Looks nice hey?  But heaps of people have utes with stickers.  Big deal!

It was a big deal for me though.

We’ve achieved plenty with Trade Risk.  Just being here after five years is an achievement.  Having an office with awesome staff has also been a great achievement.

Picking up multiple awards and being recognised on industry lists has definitely been an achievement.

But ever since day one, what I’ve envisaged is a big ute emblazoned with my beloved Trade Risk branding.

Sure I could have gone out and financed a ute and wrap years ago, but I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to earn it.

So it sounds stupid, but this ute is kind of what really makes me feel like my little business is a success.

I’m proud as punch to drive this beast around. 🙂

I’m Shane

Shane MooreProud father of two little girls.  Husband. Founder of Trade Risk.  Passionate about digital marketing and domain names.  Lover of Formula One.

And the reason that you’re probably visiting, nominee as a demand class director on the auDA board in 2016.

I love domain names.  Ask my wife and she’ll tell you how much I carry on about domains, digital marketing and business in general.

I’ve been in and around the industry since the turn of the century, which sounds like an awful long time ago, but for me was around 1999 when I registered my first .com domain.

My passion for domains – in particular AU domains – and small business is what has motivated me to get more heavily involved in auDA.

To learn more about me and where I stand on important issues please follow the links below:

You can also contact me at


My greatest fear…

I saw a similar meme for power tools and had to create this…

My greatest fear

How many domainers could relate to this?!

FWIW, after many years my wife now understands how valuable great domain names can be for a business (in particular our business) so I’m more than happy to share what I actually pay for them. 🙂

In all seriousness though, it is something to consider.  If you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into domain names like I have, how is your other half (wife, husband, whatever else) going to know how to best use or sell them?

Definitely something to think about…

Update on auDA election and other matters

This post was originally published on by Ned O’Meara.

Shane Moore

With auDA Board elections imminent (probably end of November), I thought it would be good to give potential candidates an opportunity to ask for your vote!

First cab off the rank is my good friend Shane Moore. He first announced his intentions way back in May on Domainer, so it’s good to get a comprehensive update from him.

In my opinion, Shane will make an excellent Demand Class Director of auDA. He runs his own business in Brisbane; he thinks independently; and he’s a listener. He’s also been involved with domains for many years.

He certainly has got one of my votes!

I’d Like To Ask For Your Vote Please!

Written by Shane Moore – 21st September 2016

We’re getting closer to the expected announcement of the 2016 auDA AGM, which means the elections won’t be too far away.

As stated earlier this year, I will be nominating for one of the two demand class directorships, and so far I’ve been very pleased with the level of public and private support.

There are challenging times ahead for the au domain space, and with that in mind I want to provide an update on how I see the current issues and what I’ve been up to generally in the online world.

Direct registrations

In my opinion this is the biggest change to occur during my time in the domain name world, which kicked off back in the late nineties.

There have been other big changes, such as the ability to sell domain names and the monetisation policy, both of which were great positive changes.

The difference between these and direct registrations is that they didn’t affect the average small business owner.

If you owned one or two domains for your SME, with no interest in acquiring additional domains, the changes to monetisation or selling of domains had no real impact on you.

But with direct registrations, every single domain name owner is going to be affected.

The insurance brokerage I founded and continue to run, Trade Risk, has thousands of small business clients, many of whom have an au domain name.

I have spoken with many of them regarding direct registrations, and they aren’t happy about having to deal with yet another issue that’s going to cost them more time and money for no benefit.

A number of them spoke about their frustrations with competitors having confusingly similar domain names, and the addition of direct registrations will only add to this issue.

Are direct registrations really a good thing for Australia?  I’d say they’re a great thing for registrars, but I can’t see the benefit for domain name owners.

What’s doing at auDA?

Ned has done a fantastic job of keeping us all updated on what we do (and don’t!) know about the goings on at auDA.

With that in mind I won’t go over the same issues again, but I do have to agree with Ned that we are being treated like mushrooms.

Having spent most of my career in the corporate world as well as running my own business, I completely understand that there is some information you can release, and some you cannot.

So I understand that auDA can’t just spew out page after page of everything that goes on there, but the current level of engagement with registrants is certainly disappointing.

Under normal circumstances the goings on at auDA would be pretty far down my list of priorities, with my business and my family occupying the first twenty or so places!

But these aren’t normal circumstances…

Decisions about direct registrations and their implementation are possibly being made right now, but it seems that the board isn’t exactly in the greatest of health.

How do we know that the right decisions are being made?

I like to think I’m a fairly positive guy and trust people to do right thing.  The current directors should take notice of what domain owners really want and make their decisions accordingly.

They should also recognise that many of the survey responses came from people who were not fully informed, and whose responses did not necessarily reflect the overall domain name owner’s community.

What I stand for

If I am fortunate enough to have the support of sufficient auDA demand class members, here’s what I’ll be using my position to push for.

1.      No introduction of direct registrations unless all existing domain name owners can be assured they will not be disadvantaged in any way.

2.      Make it easier for more domain owners to become auDA members.

3.      Make it easier for people to register an au domain.

4.      Ensure the interests of domain name owners and users have appropriate influence over decisions that affect them.

5.      Ask questions about auDA’s revenue, specifically in terms of how much it can justify and how it is used.

And most importantly, I’ll be pushing for auDA to be as transparent as is legally possible.

In my opinion, greater transparency will remove the vast majority of issues that people have with auDA.

What have I been up to?

My whole professional life revolves around domain names, websites and digital marketing.

Where I differ to a lot of people in the industry is that I don’t provide any services to other people, and instead only work on my own businesses.

My insurance brokerage, Trade Risk, is kicking along well and continues to grow.

Since my last guest post on Domainer, we picked up an award as one of Australia’s top 30 ‘Elite’ brokerages.  This is the second year in a row we’ve achieved this.

We put on another new staff member just last month, and we’re also working on a fantastic new online system.

It’s not bad for a business which started off as nothing more than a hand registered au domain name!  The premium domains we have added since have unquestionably helped.

My ecommerce business,, also continues to grow.  It’s been almost twelve months since we started selling products, however this business might be off to a new home soon.

And then we have which launched a brand new site just last month.  It’s going really well and proves that the classifieds model can still work well in the right niche.

I just love online business, and in particular online businesses which use premium domain names as part of their branding and overall strategy.

auDA have done a great job of developing the au domain space over many years, and I hope to be part of the board that continues to push it in the right direction.

If you’d like to get in touch with me please email me.  You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’d also be happy to answer any questions on here as well.