Q Plate Auction Results

The following table lists all of the Q plate auction results that I’m aware of.

Q8Sold$220,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q1Sold$100,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q888Sold$95,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q190 + Q220 + Q230 + Q250 + Q280 + Q350 + Q380 + Q450Sold$40,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q19Sold$31,0002002Gold Coast
Q2Sold$31,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q88888Sold$25,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q318 + Q320 + Q323 + Q520 + Q528 + Q633 + Q735Sold$21,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1012 + Q1013 + Q1014 + Q1015Sold$16,0002010PPQ
Q768Sold$16,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q831 + Q832Sold$16,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q3Sold$15,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q4Sold$13,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q5Sold$13,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q8Sold$12,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q7Sold$12,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q6Sold$11,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q3600Sold$11,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q3800Sold$11,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q710Sold$10,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q9Sold$10,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q10Sold$10,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q544Sold$9,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q833Sold$8,8882013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q538Sold$8,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q111Sold$8,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q928Sold$8,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q259Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q267Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q389Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q618Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q706Sold$8,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q809Sold$8,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q810Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q844Sold$8,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q987Sold$8,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q11Sold$8,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q69Sold$8,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q244 + Q245 + Q264 + Q265 + Q760Sold$8,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q956Sold$7,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q1770Sold$7,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q3300Sold$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q708Sold$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q709Sold$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q721Sold$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q738Sold$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q617Sold$6,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q697Sold$6,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q971Sold$6,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q111111Sold$6,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q100Sold$6,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q15Sold$6,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q88Sold$6,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q333Sold$6,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q888Sold$6,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q12Sold$5,7501985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q13Sold$5,7501985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q36Sold$5,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q444Sold$5,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q222222Sold$5,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q333333Sold$5,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1954Sold$5,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q7007Sold$5,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q14Sold$5,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q17Sold$5,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q50Sold$5,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q222Sold$5,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q999Sold$5,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q555Sold$5,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q666Sold$5,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q888888Sold$5,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q44Sold$5,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q99Sold$5,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q444444Sold$5,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q500Sold$5,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q2013Sold$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2100Sold$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q3400Sold$5,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q3500Sold$5,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q16Sold$5,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q35Sold$5,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q777Sold$4,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q555555Sold$4,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q300Sold$4,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q19Sold$4,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q49Sold$4,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1333Sold$4,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q7771Sold$4,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q20Sold$4,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q40Sold$4,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1234Sold$4,3002002Gold Coast
Q18Sold$4,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q666666Sold$4,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q777777Sold$4,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q999999Sold$4,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q22Sold$4,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q48Sold$4,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q30Sold$4,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q123Sold$4,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q4400Sold$4,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q27Sold$4,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1948Sold$4,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q25Sold$3,9001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q21Sold$3,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q24Sold$3,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q33Sold$3,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q23Sold$3,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q77Sold$3,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q85Sold$3,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q26Sold$3,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q42Sold$3,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q80Sold$3,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q90Sold$3,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q28Sold$3,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q29Sold$3,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q32Sold$3,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q34Sold$3,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q41Sold$3,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q55Sold$3,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q31Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q37Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q43Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q45Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q944Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1234Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q600Sold$3,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q38Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q39Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q46Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q47Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q89Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q308Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q12345Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q123456Sold$3,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q79Sold$3,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q74Sold$3,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q86Sold$3,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1901Sold$3,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q400Sold$3,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q200Sold$2,9001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q900Sold$2,9001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q51Sold$2,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q60Sold$2,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q96Sold$2,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q54Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q58Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q75Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q94Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q95Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q97Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q98Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q700Sold$2,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q56Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q59Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q66Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q70Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q81Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q82Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q84Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q87Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q91Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q92Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q93Sold$2,6001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q57Sold$2,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q71Sold$2,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q83Sold$2,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q924Sold$2,5001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q52Sold$2,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q53Sold$2,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q62Sold$2,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q63Sold$2,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q73Sold$2,4001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q61Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q64Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q65Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q67Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q76Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q78Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q800Sold$2,3001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q72Sold$2,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1939Sold$2,2001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q68Sold$2,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1859Sold$2,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1914Sold$2,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q420Sold$2,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q365Sold$2,1001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1928Sold$2,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q1982Sold$2,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q240Sold$2,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q340Sold$2,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q356Sold$2,0001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q3654Sold$1,8001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q912Sold$1,7001985Great Qld Plate Auction
Q2 + Q3Passed In$600,0002005PPQ
Q8Passed In$300,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q2Passed In$280,0002005PPQ
Q3Passed In$270,0002005PPQ
Q31Passed In$100,0002008Shannons
Q73 + Q75Passed In$80,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction IIIVendor Bid
Q83Passed In$63,0002008Shannons
Q26Passed In$50,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q73Passed In$30,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q208Passed In$27,0002008Shannons
Q204Passed In$26,0002008Shannons
Q96Passed In$25,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q88888Passed In$20,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q529Passed In$17,0002008Shannons
Q535Passed In$16,5002008Shannons
Q718 + Q719Passed In$16,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction IIIVendor Bid
Q760Passed In$15,0002008ShannonsPrice Guide
Q845 + Q846Passed In$12,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q988Passed In$10,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q1915Passed In$8,0002008ShannonsPrice Guide
Q760Passed In$7,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2008Passed In$7,0002008ShannonsPrice Guide
Q426Passed In$7,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q6800 + Q7800Passed In$7,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q689Passed In$7,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q736Passed In$6,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q932Passed In$6,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q986Passed In$6,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q489Passed In$5,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q981Passed In$5,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q260Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q270Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q687Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q705Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q7100Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q718Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q879Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q910Passed In$5,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q916Passed In$5,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2014Passed In$4,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q7117Passed In$4,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q985Passed In$4,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2500Passed In$4,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q413Passed In$4,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q897Passed In$4,0002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q920Passed In$4,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q1030Passed In$3,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q1985Passed In$3,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2600Passed In$3,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q2700Passed In$3,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q6800Passed In$3,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q9800Passed In$3,5002013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q412Passed In$3,0002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q2020Passed In$2,7002002Gold Coast
Q1770Passed In$2,5002002Gold Coast
Q2600Passed In$2,5002012Great Qld Plate Auction II
Q31Passed In$02013Great Qld Plate Auction III
Q47 + Q48 + Q49Not Offered$02013Great Qld Plate Auction III

The data for this table has come from the following sources:

Winners are Grinners!

You can read more about this on the Trade Risk website, but I just wanted to share an awesome achievement.

My team at Trade Risk was a finalist in two categories at last month’s Insurance Business Awards, and we came away a winner!

Above: My wife and I (centre) and two of the team.

We won the Best Customer Service category, which consisted of insurance brokerages of all sizes from all over the country.

We beat some pretty big competition, so it felt great, but also felt ‘right’ since we know we do such a good job when it comes to service.

In the past we’ve made the finalist cut for a few awards, but this is the first we’ve won outright.

I love what we do and what we’ve built at Trade Risk.  There’s so much more to come…

2018 Update

I don’t know if many people read or care about what’s happening here, but I should probably give an update about some of the things I’ve written about in the past…


So first up auDA.  I wrote a lot about auDA in the past.  Not so much about auDA itself, but just my candidacy for the board, and other candidates who I’ve supported over the years.

I have zero interest now in being part of the auDA board.  The whole organisation seems (from the outside) to be a complete mess, and not something that I’d want to be associated with.

My membership is paid up to 2019, but I doubt I’ll renew beyond next year.  Given the turmoil they’re going through, they might not even be around in 2019…


I sold my beloved numberplates.com.au business earlier this year.

I still love number plates, and I still believe the site had great potential (it was profitable as it was) but I needed to focus my time on my main business.

The new owner has plenty of enthusiasm and big plans for the site, so I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

Last year I acquired a nice low Queensland number plate (Q139) and I think that was the point where I felt I could move on from running the website.  The sale of the site partly funded the purchase of the new plate too!

I still run the separate heritage plate Facebook page, but I’m looking to move that on too.

There are some great memories from my time running the site, including my two television appearances, in particular my interview on The Project!

Shane Moore on The Project

Trade Risk

Outside of my family, Trade Risk is everything to me.  We’re doing okay, but I won’t go on about that.  Check out the Trade Risk website to see what we’re doing over there.

That’s really it for now.  I don’t expect I’ll be posting much here anymore, but it’s here as my little record on the internet.

auDA Elections

After stepping aside in the race for a directorship at auDA this year, I’m super pleased that my replacement, Ned O’Meara, was elected to the board this week!

In further good news, Nicole Murdoch was also elected.

As auDA demand class members we couldn’t ask for two better people to be on the board as elected directors.

They join Tim Connell as demand class directors, and will presumably be soon joined by a fourth director to replace the departed Simon Johnson.

As previously stated it was a tough decision to step aside this year, and I only did so because I knew Ned would be a good replacement.  And here we are.  Job done. 🙂

Back to business, no more auDA

After a great deal of thought I have decided not to run for the auDA board in 2017.

I had announced that I would be running again, after missing out by just a few votes in 2016, but that will no longer be the case.

There are a few reasons for this.

First up, my company, Trade Risk, is going through an exciting period of growth and needs 100% of my focus right now.

My mindset towards the business has changed a little over the last little while, after seeing how much we’ve been able to achieve.

Instead of simply wanting to be great at what we do, I now want Trade Risk to be the best at what we do.

You can’t achieve that without 100% focus.

Outside of business I have a young family to look after.  If I’m putting so much into my business, the rest needs to go to my family rather than sharing with auDA director duties.

And finally, I’m just sick of all the politics and rubbish that is going on at auDA.

You could argue that is all the more reason to run, but I just don’t have it in me.  Business and family is more important by a long way.

The great news, and the reason that my decision was made so much easier, is that we have two fantastic candidates for the two Demand Class directorships.

Nicole Murdoch was already running, and now the domaining legend Ned O’Meara is stepping up.

If we as Demand Class members can help to get Nicole and Ned elected, it’s going to go a long way to returning transparency and integrity to the board.

A great face for radio

Shane Moore on The Project

Last month I travelled to Sydney for the record-setting auction of the NSW number plate ‘4’.

I was quoted in a Fairfax piece about the auction, which I thought was pretty cool.

The auction went brilliantly, and a record was indeed set, with the plate selling for $2.45 million under the hammer.

The next day I was on my way to the airport with my wife, when I received a message via Facebook from a producer at The Project.  She wanted to have a chat about the auction.

So I called her from the airport, and she asked what I was half expecting (and dreading!) – would I be happy to appear on the show tonight?

Appearing on a TV show like The Project is so far out of my comfort zone, but sometimes you just have to say yes and go for it.

Shane Moore Ten Brisbane

After landing back in Brisbane I had to head straight up to the Ten studios on Mount Coot-tha, where the interview was recorded around an hour before it went to air.

I made it back home in time to watch it with the family, and to be honest it was pretty cringeworthy!

That’s not necessarily because of how I performed, but because of the stupid questions the panel asked and the way it was edited together.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different, but the whole piece was more about taking my wife to a number plate auction rather than anything to do with the auction itself.

They seemed pretty unimpressed that I’d drag my wife along, but you know, I don’t think she minded a few days in Sydney…

Jessica in Sydney

Overall it was a great experience, but I’d have to think pretty hard before agreeing to appear on that show again.

Here’s the video.  My part starts around the two minute mark.

Nominating for the auDA board

Shane MooreI am no longer running for the auDA board.  See my latest post here.

After narrowly missing out on the board last year, I’m pleased to announce that I will be nominating as a demand class director again in 2017.

A lot has happened since the vote in November last year, and despite our optimism at the time, much of it has been negative.

There were high hopes that auDA was heading in the right direction after what we heard from the Chairman and CEO, however communication and transparency have since suffered.

This culminated in the Chairman standing down prior to the Special General Meeting this week.

Earlier this year I declared that I would not be standing again, but the environment has changed dramatically, and as a result so too has my decision.

This year, we have the opportunity for two new Demand Class directors to join the board, and I believe the best options are myself and Ned O’Meara.

Despite the negativity of 2017 so far, I’m still incredibly optimistic about the .au domain space.

Direct registrations are still very much in play.  Following the AGM last year I felt there was no turning back, but as more time passes, more doubts are raised.

Will they happen?  Should they happen?  How will they be implemented?  These are all discussions I would like to be involved in at a higher level.

Personally, I am against direct registrations, and my stance has not changed since I wrote this piece last year:


We’re at such an interesting and important point in the .au domain space.  I love being part of it as a small business owner, and I hope to contribute in a more meaningful way as part of a stronger board.

Getting more media coverage


Thanks to my numberplates.com.au business I’ve managed to become a bit of an authority on number plates.

This has resulted in a few media appearances and quotes, which is great for the site’s SEO and also nice personally to have my passion recognised.

The latest contact came from a Fairfax journalist who wanted to chat about the upcoming auction of the single-digit NSW ‘4’ number plate.

NSW 4 number plate

I actually enjoy talking with journalists about plates, but I have to be so careful not to say too much, which is difficult when it’s a subject you’re passionate about!

I’m lucky in that a lot of owners of very significant and valuable plates (including single-digits) have been generous enough to share their time and information with me.

Often this includes information about how much they paid for certain plates, which is very sensitive to them, but they’ll share with me because they know I’m a locked vault when it comes to this stuff.

So anyway, it was a good chat, and the article was published here:

NSW licence plate with the number ‘4’ on the market for between $1.2 million and $1.4 million

This follows my first TV appearance earlier this year, when I was interviewed for the ABC, and appeared on their national news and business news programs.

Going back a few years I also had my first radio interview, which was regarding the sale of another single-digit number plate; Qld ‘7’.

That interview resulted from an article that appeared in the Brisbane Times, and was syndicated across other Fairfax properties including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

That article included a link to my site, which was very appreciated from an SEO perspective!

Hopefully there is plenty more to come.  Doing interviews is way out of my comfort zone, but that’s generally a good thing long term.

PS.  That NSW ‘4’ number plate is expected to sell for around $1.5 million.  My flights are booked to head down to Sydney for the auction! 🙂

Not impressed NRMA

Last Thursday on my way to work I took a call from my wife.  She’d been cleaned up by a truck on the highway!

Aurion Crash

The photo doesn’t do the damage justice.  The doors were pushed quite far in, which isn’t surprising given that the car was pushed around 100m down the highway pinned to the front of the truck!

Nasty stuff, but at least she was okay.  Our beloved family car was not so well, but we had a good insurance policy with NRMA, so I wasn’t too worried.

I don’t insure with NRMA because they’re the cheapest.  I choose them because they have a good name, and it’s also where I started my own insurance career back in 2001.

NRMA’s online claim process is awesome.  The forms work so well, and being into anything involving ‘insurance’ and ‘online’ I was super impressed.

That’s kind of where it’s ended though…

Since then I’ve had nothing but broken promises.  Every update so far has come from me calling them, not the other way around.

And when I do call them, I definitely don’t feel looked after.

The person I just spoke with kept questioning what I wanted to know about the claim…

What do you think I want to know?  I just want to know what is going on because you never tell me!  Up until this morning I didn’t even know if the car was being repaired or written off.

It seems all NRMA want to talk about is the liability side of things.  As I keep telling them, I don’t really care about that.  We know it’s the other party’s fault.  They’ve already said they accept liability.  I’ll pay you the excess upfront if that’s what we need to get things moving.

So they have an awesome online system to get things going, but don’t appear to have the customer service side covered to follow it up.

I’d like to think we’re the opposite at Trade Risk.

A lot of our interactions start online as well, but our customer service staff enhance the experience rather than detract from it.

If people love Trade Risk’s online side, then they’ll really love our human side.

NRMA seems to be the opposite at this stage.

Anyway, just a little rant given that insurance is my ‘thing’.  Hopefully the claim process improves from here.


I received a call today (7/08/2017) from a very helpful assessor at NRMA.  She gave me a thorough update and answered a few tricky questions for me.

Unfortunately the repairs are going to take a few weeks, but I feel far better having spoken with this person.  Heading in the right direction now! 🙂

V8 Supercar Ride

I finally had my first ride in a V8 Supercar yesterday thanks to Steadfast.

If you’re into insurance you’ll know who they are.  If not, then the logo on the bumper below might be the first time you’ve seen them…

Nissan Nismo V8 Supercar

The ride was absolutely brilliant!

I’ve driven some pretty cool cars on the track, including the $400k Porsche 911 Turbo and a Formula Ford open when race car, but this was something else.

The acceleration didn’t blow me away, but with 650hp it’s obviously no slouch.

What did make a serious impression was the cornering, and especially the braking.

At points on the track where you think we should be braking, the driver (Dean Fiore) is still accelerating hard!

Nissan Nismo V8 Supercar

He then stomps the brake pedal and the car pulls up with incredible force, pushing your body hard into the belts.

The car then navigates the corner at speeds that you’d expect should have us spinning off into the gravel.

All this and he’s probably only pushing at 8 tenths of what he could do.  Maybe even less…

Of course being a follower of motorsport for so many years I knew how capable the cars were, but it’s not until you get into the car with a professional driver that you realise just how brutal they are.

Overall a very cool afternoon.  Thanks to Steadfast, Nissan Motorsport and carsales Racing.

PS.  I’d love to see my Trade Risk logo on one of these cars.  One day…