Nominating for the auDA board

Shane MooreI am no longer running for the auDA board.  See my latest post here.

After narrowly missing out on the board last year, I’m pleased to announce that I will be nominating as a demand class director again in 2017.

A lot has happened since the vote in November last year, and despite our optimism at the time, much of it has been negative.

There were high hopes that auDA was heading in the right direction after what we heard from the Chairman and CEO, however communication and transparency have since suffered.

This culminated in the Chairman standing down prior to the Special General Meeting this week.

Earlier this year I declared that I would not be standing again, but the environment has changed dramatically, and as a result so too has my decision.

This year, we have the opportunity for two new Demand Class directors to join the board, and I believe the best options are myself and Ned O’Meara.

Despite the negativity of 2017 so far, I’m still incredibly optimistic about the .au domain space.

Direct registrations are still very much in play.  Following the AGM last year I felt there was no turning back, but as more time passes, more doubts are raised.

Will they happen?  Should they happen?  How will they be implemented?  These are all discussions I would like to be involved in at a higher level.

Personally, I am against direct registrations, and my stance has not changed since I wrote this piece last year:

We’re at such an interesting and important point in the .au domain space.  I love being part of it as a small business owner, and I hope to contribute in a more meaningful way as part of a stronger board.

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