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Part of my pitch as a demand class director of auDA is my experience in online business.

Many board members and nominees, both past and present, have had backgrounds in government, academia and law. There are also many involved in the provision of tech services.

The board absolutely needs these types of people. They have invaluable skills, qualifications and knowledge, and have no doubt contributed to the strength of the AU domain space over many years.

But I don’t see a lot of business owners. Dealing with business is absolutely not the same as being in business.

So here’s what I’ve been doing online over the last few years…

I founded with nothing more than a fantastic domain name and determination to build an e-commerce business from scratch.

Within months the business was shipping thousands of dollars worth of nuts to all corners of the country.

I believe that a huge part of its success was the domain name.  Branding as the exact match for our product gave instant credibility amongst suppliers and customers.

It was a fantastic experience, however the business was very recently sold to enable me to concentrate on my insurance business.

This is a business I acquired back in 2014 from the previous owners who’d held it for many years.

As is always my preference, it uses an exact match domain name to explain what the website is about.

The site now lists many thousands of number plates for sale and is a great example of how well niche classifieds websites can work.

Trade RiskTrade Risk

Trade Risk is the anchor of my business world.

It combines my career – insurance – with my passion – digital marketing.

It was started with nothing more than a domain name, a bit of knowledge and a lot of hard work.

It also benefited greatly from my willingness to invest in premium domain names.

The business has thousands of clients, a team of staff in our Brisbane office and has won numerous awards over the years.

This is my full time gig.

Other businesses

I’ve had plenty of other online businesses over the years, some that went nowhere, and some that I managed to sell for a few dollars.

I believe that my experience and success in online business makes me an ideal demand class director of auDA, and one that will compliment the skills of more seasoned directors on the board who may not have any online business experience.

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