Finance domain sales in the media

I’ve just been reading through some old magazines which have been sitting on my desk for a few months and came across this little item in the June issue of The Adviser sale

The article doesn’t mention the prices paid, but we know that was purchased for $100,000+ and was purchased for $33,001.

Previously it was only known that sold for somewhere in excess of $100k, but given that this latest article talks about “hundreds of thousands of dollars” we can probably assume that the $100k figure was very conservative.

Whilst I’d hardly call The Adviser a mainstream publication (I’m probably the only non-mortgage broker who reads it!) it is still good to see domain name sales getting attention outside of the domaining industry.

I realise that these two domains have limited relevance to insurance, but with them still being in the overall finance industry it does show what a super-premium insurance domain name could potentially be worth.

One thought on “Finance domain sales in the media”

  1. is a million dollar domain name. This company who purchased it is a forward thinking leader who will dominate the home loan industry in time. Too bad to the big banks who missed the billion dollar opportunity.

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