Financial Planning Newsletters

FYI – I no longer offer these services!  They’re still highly recommended, but you’ll have to find someone else to write them for you. 🙂

Newsletters for financial advisers & planners

If you’re not sending a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your clients, I can almost guarantee that you are missing out on new business opportunities.

How often do you call ALL of your clients to let them know what new strategies and products are available?  For most advisers they’d be lucky if it was once every year or two!

A regular email newsletter is an extremely cost effective way of staying top of mind with your clients.  Even if your clients (and prospective clients) don’t read your newsletter, at least they see your name every month and will remember you when they need to.

I personally used email newsletters with great success when I was running my own planning firm.  With every newsletter I could almost guarantee some new business would come my way, and the return on investment was simply unbeatable.

But of course these things can take up your precious time.  You have to write the content, get compliance sign-off from your dealer group, manage your subscriber list and handle the sending of hundreds, if not thousands of emails.

Sound like too much work?  For you maybe, but not for me!

I can manage the entire process for you from start to finish, and can tailor a package which suits your needs and budget perfectly.

Here’s what you get:

  • Newsletter template setup with your logo and corporate colours
  • Three professionally written articles to suit your client base
  • Liaise with your dealer group to obtain compliance approval
  • Assistance with writing a personal introduction to each email (optional)
  • Detailed reports showing who is reading which articles

And remember, all of our articles are written by me – a fully qualified financial planner – not some marketing hack!

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