I’m Shane

Shane MooreProud father of two little girls.  Husband. Founder of Trade Risk.  Passionate about digital marketing and domain names.  Lover of Formula One.

And the reason that you’re probably visiting, nominee as a demand class director on the auDA board in 2016.

I love domain names.  Ask my wife and she’ll tell you how much I carry on about domains, digital marketing and business in general.

I’ve been in and around the industry since the turn of the century, which sounds like an awful long time ago, but for me was around 1999 when I registered my first .com domain.

My passion for domains – in particular AU domains – and small business is what has motivated me to get more heavily involved in auDA.

To learn more about me and where I stand on important issues please follow the links below:

You can also contact me at sm@traderisk.com.au.


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