V8 Supercar Ride

I finally had my first ride in a V8 Supercar yesterday thanks to Steadfast.

If you’re into insurance you’ll know who they are.  If not, then the logo on the bumper below might be the first time you’ve seen them…

Nissan Nismo V8 Supercar

The ride was absolutely brilliant!

I’ve driven some pretty cool cars on the track, including the $400k Porsche 911 Turbo and a Formula Ford open when race car, but this was something else.

The acceleration didn’t blow me away, but with 650hp it’s obviously no slouch.

What did make a serious impression was the cornering, and especially the braking.

At points on the track where you think we should be braking, the driver (Dean Fiore) is still accelerating hard!

Nissan Nismo V8 Supercar

He then stomps the brake pedal and the car pulls up with incredible force, pushing your body hard into the belts.

The car then navigates the corner at speeds that you’d expect should have us spinning off into the gravel.

All this and he’s probably only pushing at 8 tenths of what he could do.  Maybe even less…

Of course being a follower of motorsport for so many years I knew how capable the cars were, but it’s not until you get into the car with a professional driver that you realise just how brutal they are.

Overall a very cool afternoon.  Thanks to Steadfast, Nissan Motorsport and carsales Racing.

PS.  I’d love to see my Trade Risk logo on one of these cars.  One day…

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