Content for financial services websites

My name is Shane, and I like to write.

I specialise in content creation for financial services websites.  In particular I focus on subject matter covering insurance, mortgages, superannuation and investment.

Far from being a run of the mill “copywriter”, I am a former financial planner with over a decade worth of experience working in mortgage lending, general insurance broking and financial planning.

These days I concentrate on writing financial content that combines a professional writing style with an SEO-friendly twist.

After all, what’s the point of lovely words if Google – and therefore your next client – cannot find them?

Have you experienced this too…?

Have you ever hired a writer for your insurance or finance related website?

What did you think of the finished product?

If you’re like most financial advisers that I work with, your answer will be that the content showed a poor understanding of the subject, poor grammar, and content that was a nightmare to get past your dealer group’s compliance team!

Sure this type of content may be cheap, but is it really worth the hassle?  Even if it does get past your compliance department you may find that the style of writing will turn off the type of client you are trying to attract.

There is a solution!

Instead of relying on copywriters who know nothing about financial services, use a writer who knows what they are talking about.  Use a writer who is a qualified financial adviser just like you.  Use a writer who is… me!

My content is well written and will be easily read and enjoyed by sophisticated clients as well as those who have no experience in financial matters.

Thanks to my industry experience I am able to write with authority on many subjects, and I also have a very good understanding of what can and can’t be written from a compliance perspective.

And last, but certainly not least, through my company’s own portfolio of websites I also have a good handle on writing content in a way that is SEO-friendly and will impress our friends at Google enough to push your website up the rankings.

Some of the sites I write for are in the top three positions of Google for some very competitive insurance and finance related keywords.

My story

If you’ve read this far you’ll know that I enjoy writing and that I’m a former financial adviser.

Although I love financial services and have worked in the industry all of my life, secretly I’ve always loved writing.

Back in the early 2000’s I lived in London, and I came within a whisker of landing a dream job with Autosport Magazine, where my role would have been to attend every grand prix around the world assisting the ‘real’ writers and learning the trade myself.

The editor loved my work, but sadly my Australian passport just couldn’t cut it against my EU passport-holding adversary who would have a much easier time crossing borders around Europe.

A year later I returned to Australia and found myself working for Suncorp Bank, where I was responsible for writing and maintaining the group’s lending manuals.

From there I eventually found myself running my own financial planning firm, after working for one of Australia’s largest dealer groups working in their compliance department and assisting advisers with their marketing.

Now, through my own company, I operate a portfolio of insurance related websites which generate hundreds of leads every month which I distribute amongst the advisers and brokers I work with.

But the love of writing never disappeared, and these days I spend a lot of my time writing content for my own websites as well as for a number of leading financial websites in Australia.  The aim of each of these websites is exactly the same – to attract leads!

I’m also a contributor at Adviser Voice and I publish my own rants and opinions through the website you’re reading right now.