Finance domain sales in the media

I’ve just been reading through some old magazines which have been sitting on my desk for a few months and came across this little item in the June issue of The Adviser sale

The article doesn’t mention the prices paid, but we know that was purchased for $100,000+ and was purchased for $33,001.

Previously it was only known that sold for somewhere in excess of $100k, but given that this latest article talks about “hundreds of thousands of dollars” we can probably assume that the $100k figure was very conservative.

Whilst I’d hardly call The Adviser a mainstream publication (I’m probably the only non-mortgage broker who reads it!) it is still good to see domain name sales getting attention outside of the domaining industry.

I realise that these two domains have limited relevance to insurance, but with them still being in the overall finance industry it does show what a super-premium insurance domain name could potentially be worth.

More Large Finance Domain Sales

Following on from last year’s post about finance related domain names, I thought I’d post a couple more large sales that have occurred so far in 2012.

It seems that anything in lending market is pretty hot right now, and that is certainly confirmed in the figures below.  Insurance is still as strong as ever, however there haven’t been as many high quality names coming onto the market recently.

Here are a selection of the best sales from 2012 so far:

  • $100,000+ –
  • $33,001 –
  • $22,002 –
  • $11,988 –
  • $10,800 –
  • $7,452 –
  • $2,530 –
  • $2,145 –

The buyer of (private equity firm, Aura Capital) would not confirm the exact price, stating only that it was in excess of $100k.  The same buyer of this domain was also behind the purchase of

You may think that spending over $130,000 on these two domain names would obviously mean that the buyer is in the home loan industry, but that is not the case.

In an interview with SmartCompany, Aura Capital director Calvin Ng said that both purchases were purely opportunistic, and they hadn’t even determined a strategy for the domains yet.

Given that information, it would certainly seem that they see the potential for strong growth in the value of finance related domain names.

Insurance Domains

There is another life insurance related sale worth mentioning, however the purchase price cannot be confirmed.  This sale was of a functioning website rather than a domain-only transaction.

The domain name and website was listed on auction website Flippa, and although the auction ended unsold, we can see that the highest bid was $40,000.

I have it on good authority that a sale was negotiated in the end, and one would have to assume that it was for more than the high bid of $40,000.

Is It Too Late To Get In?

There’s no doubt that prices are really getting up there, but there are still plenty of bargains to be had.

In five or ten year’s time, I actually think they we’ll look back at some of the big sales listed above and think they they too were bargains.