Access WHM cPanel from WiFi

This blog entry will probably be of little interest to my regular readers, but I had plenty of trouble finding this information for myself, so I feel the need to share!

I am writing this from Paris where I am enjoying a holiday with my wife.  Whilst not a working holiday, I do have to keep fresh content on my websites to ensure those Google rankings stay strong during my six week absence.

I’m using wifi wherever I can whilst overseas, which is fine for everything else, but when I tried to upload some new content via my FTP program I couldn’t get in.  I tried instead to use the File Manager function through my WHM (web host manager) but that wouldn’t let me in either.

The thought of not being able to update my websites for six weeks almost made me sick!  This wouldn’t be a problem if I used WordPress for all my sites, but for various reasons I don’t for my main business sites.

So anyway I searched and searched for a workaround and couldn’t find a solution, but finally I came across a gold nugget which saved the day!

If you are trying to access WHM from a wifi or other network which won’t allow access to the required port, simply use the following link as a workaround:

It’s as easy as that!  From here you can access the cPanel for each domain you have hosted within your WHM.

This is instead of the usual IP address based URL which would look something like 123.456.789:2086

So disaster averted and I once again have access to upload new content to my non-Wordpress websites.

For more information on accessing WHM from an overseas or wifi network please visit the original page (link here) that saved me.