Escape the office

I know a lot of advisers who make a lot of money.  If you’re not one of them, then I’m sure you know of one, and certainly plan to become one!

But despite the healthy incomes, I find that most advisers struggle to get away from the office for the weekend, let alone for a couple of weeks holiday.

Technology has tied us even closer to our work.  5pm on a Friday afternoon doesn’t have as much meaning today, since we spend all weekend on our smart phones checking email and catching up on work.

But it is the same technology that ties us to our work that can also free us from our offices.

I am writing today’s blog on the balcony of my holiday apartment, overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean.  Of course today isn’t like my usual Thursday in the office, but I’ve still been able to do pretty much everything that I would normally do.

Here’s a snapshot of the technology I’ve used today, and how it has allowed me to escape the office whilst remaining in complete control of my business:

  • Laptop:  Obviously required when not in the office
  • Mobile broadband:  Allows me to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere
  • iPhone:  Took the photo in this blog as well as uploading it.  Also handy for making phone calls…
  • WordPress:  The software my website uses, which allows me to post updates from anywhere
  • Paperless office:  Means my client files are stored electronically rather than stuck in my office
  • Dropbox:  Allows me to access my client files and documents from anywhere

Thanks to all of this great technology I’ve been able to speak with a few clients, setup two new policies, line up a meeting for next week, agreed to another joint venture and of course write and upload this latest blog.

If you’ve become trapped inside your office (including your home office) and feel like it’s impossible to escape for a few days, then you need to start embracing the technology that can set you free.

As always, I can help you with all of the issues I’ve spoken about above.  If you want to start integrating this technology into your business, simply contact me for a confidential and obligation free chat.

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